National Park Plans

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National Park plans inform; contribute to and guide the conservation and enhancement of the special qualities of each designated area.  Below you will find information and links to the primary strategic planning documents for the three Welsh National Parks.

"(1.27) The National Park Management Plan (NPMP) is the single most important document for each National Park.  It is a plan for the geographic area of the Park and not for any authority.  As a strategic overarching document it co-ordinates and integrates other plans, strategies, and actions in the national park, and where these affect the park purposes and duty. The national park management Plan is, therefore, the principal vehicle for ensuring that the statutory provisions of the Environment Act 1995 are met, including the duties imposed on all public bodies under Section 62(2). 

(1.34) Development planning has a central role in maintaining the character of the Parks and fostering the social and economic well-being of park communities. Planning aims to place the right development in the right place to meet the needs of park communities and to support change that brings positive benefits to the National park in line with the National Park purposes and the National Park Management Plan objectives.

(1.35) The National Park Local Development Plan (LDP) is one of the key delivery mechanisms of the National Park Management Plan. "

National Park Management Plan guidance, CCW, 2007

The State of the Park Report (SoPR) is not just a "snapshot" of the condition of the National Park at a particular point in time; rather it is part of an on-going process of monitoring change within a National Park . It looks not only at environmental indicators such as air and water quality, the condition of designated areas and features but also indicators of the "Quality of Life" of communities and individuals, such as health and economic activity. 

The SoPR will be subject to regular review and information will be updated when it becomes available. Some of the information presented is baseline information and is the foundation for establishing future trends. Other information demonstrates existing trends. The SoPR will play an integral role in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the National Park Management Plan.

Brecon Beacons National Park

National Park Management Plan 2010 - 2015

State of the Park Report 2006

Local Development Plan (Status: Adopted, 2013)

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

National Park Management Plan & State of the Park Report 2009 - 2013

Local Development Plan (Status: Adopted, 2010)

Snowdonia National Park 

National Park Management Plan 2010 - 2015

State of the Park Report 2009

Local Development Plan (Status: Adopted, 2011)